Quetzalli Brewing Co.

One of our newest projects for a local company.
Full project for a craft brewery company of hispanic heritage.

The logo Banner

Quetzalli is a new craft microbrewery company that likes to take care of every detail in the elaboration of each of their three beer lines, by making small batches of each flavor to offer customers the best quality.
The image of Quetzalli is based on the name “Quetzalcoatl” which is the name of one of the most important gods in the meso-american culture.
The word “quetzalcoatl” comes from a “nahuatl” word that stands for “feathered serpent".

logos bottles

The illustration and typography of the logo work together to reflect the traditional personality of the brewery.
The shape of the feathers is based on the texture of beer hops and wheat which are two of the basic ingredients for elaborating beer.
We designed some of the pieces that will be used inside the establishment that include the image of the beer bottles, tags, coasters, beer glasses, etc.

Coasters Cup Shirt Quetzalli