Slo-mobooth Project

A company that offers entertainment services for very special social events.


Slo-mobooth is a company that offers entertainment services for social events, where guests can get enter a video booth and dance with props, lights and confetti while being recorded with full HD cameras.
Outside the booth those moments are played back in real time on slow motion for other guests to watch.

The logo Applications

We worked with Slo-mobooth to create a unique design that could identify their brand by using a hummingbird as slow motion icon.
We choose a hummingbird because the only way you can capture the movement of the bird's wing is with slow motion recorders. The amazing fact about this design is that every part of the bird was created using a one sized circle.
We wanted to represent every sound, color and every movement that go in inside "slo-mobooth" with a graphic element and we couldn't find anything better than our beautiful bird.
The project included from their logo, icon, business cards, letterheads, one-page website proposal and other branding collateral pieces.

Splash screen The website Th shirt